Digital Loan Bina

Additional funds for your business that can be disbursed at any time.

  • Loan limit up to 25 Million IDR
  • Tenor options from 14 days to 3 months

Digital Loan Bina


Bina Mobile App
Bina Mobile App

Benefits of Digital Loan Bina

  • Application is easy, only need your e-KTP
  • Express disbursement
  • Pay cheaper with early repayment
  • Many tenor options, choose according to your needs

How to Apply Digital Loan Bina

Step 1
Make sure you are already a member of the Bank Ina's partner

Step 2
Open Digital Loan Bina page from partners application

Step 3
Apply Digital Loan Bina and continue the registration process

Step 4
Wait the result of your loan application

Step 5
If it is approved, you can immediately use your loan limit

Anything you want to ask?

How to apply for Digital Loan Bina?
  1.  To apply Digital Loan Bina, make sure you have fulfilled the requirements and criteria of the borrower that already determined by Bank Ina.
  2. Open loan menu on merchant’s application, then click ‘Pinjaman Digital Bina’.
  3. Complete all required data including e-KTP and selfie photo.
  4. After the application completed, you can wait for the result of your application.
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Low interest rates with low fees
  • Direct disbursement and can be done multiple times
  • Flexible loan tenor and repayment

You will be charged an administration fee for every disbursement you make. This Administration Fee will automatically be deducted from your loan principal. You can see the pricing here.

Your application will be processed for a maximum of 3 working days since the credit application form is completed.

You can use Digital Loan Bina at partners that collaborating with Bank Ina. Currently, Bank Ina is collaborating with:

  • OttoPay

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