Digital savings from Bina

With Bina, you can manage your personal savings along with your business funds. Grow your business funds with our attractive interest rate.

  • No minimum initial deposit
  • No admin fees
  • No minimum balance

Digital savings from Bina


Bina Mobile App
Bina Mobile App

Advantages in Digital Savings Bina

  • Check your balance in just one hand
  • Easy to manage your account mutation up to 6 months
  • Send money to everywhere with no additional fees

Anything you want to ask?

What are the uses of Digital Savings?

Your Digital Savings is useful as:

  1. The main account of your Bina account
  2. Receive funds that enter your account
  3. To make transfer/pay/buy transactions from your account balance
  4. And many other uses, let’s open your Bina account now!

Unfortunately, your Digital Savings account number is generated automatically by the system.

Of course, there will be interest earned! Therefore, keep increasing your balance so that the interest you get is also increasing!

The calculation of the interest you get will be done every day, but the accumulated interest you can earn is done at the beginning of the month.

The interest you get applies under the applicable Bank Ina policy. You can see the full table here.

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